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    Introducing "Eight Learning," a cutting-edge institute of technology and management training dedicated to fostering innovation, leadership, and professional excellence. With a relentless focus on equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in today's dynamic and rapidly evolving global landscape, Eight Learning stands as a beacon of transformative education

    A World Class Education Institution

    The Leaders in Technology and Management Training in Africa


    How to get An Account

    If you are a registered student, An Account will be created for you and details sent to your email upon completion of the registration process.

    If you still have challenges with accessing the platform, Contact the Eight Learning Institute of Technology and Management Admin for help with creating an Account on the platform.

    Enroll into a Course

    Ensure you have an active Account on the system. Click on the search icon in the right hand side of the ELITEM Platform menu and type the Name or Course Code of the course you intend to join.

    Submitting an Assignment

    Locate the pending assignment through your Time line block in the right sidebar of your account once you logged into your Account. Click on the Assignment name and proceed to upload your work.

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